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 mandarin word in numbers

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PostSubject: mandarin word in numbers   Mon Mar 30, 2009 5:27 am


Chinese numbers are very regular. While Indo-Arabic (Western)
numerals have become more common, the Chinese numerals shown below are
still used, particularly in informal contexts like markets. The
characters in parentheses are generally used in financial contexts,
such as writing cheques and printing banknotes.

0 〇, 零 líng
1 一 (壹) yī
2 二 (贰) èr (两 liǎng is used when specifying quantities)
3 三 (叁) sān
4 四 (肆) sì
5 五 (伍) wǔ
6 六 (陆) liù
7 七 (柒) qī
8 八 (捌) bā
9 九 (玖) jiǔ
10 十 (拾) shí
11 十一 shí-yī
12 十二 shí-èr
13 十三 shí-sān
14 十四 shí-sì
15 十五 shí-wǔ
16 十六 shí-liù
17 十七 shí-qī
18 十八 shí-bā
19 十九 shí-jiǔ
20 二十 èr-shí
21 二十一 èr-shí-yī
22 二十二 èr-shí-èr
23 二十三 èr-shí-sān
30 三十 sān-shí
40 四十 sì-shí
50 五十 wǔ-shí
60 六十 liù-shí
70 七十 qī-shí
80 八十 bā-shí
90 九十 jiǔ-shí

For numbers above 100, any "gaps" must be filled in with 〇 líng, as eg. 一百一 yībǎiyī would otherwise be taken as shorthand for "110". A single unit of tens may be written and pronounced either 一十 yīshí or just 十 shí.

100 一百 (壹佰) yī-bǎi
101 一百〇一 yī-bǎi-líng-yī
110 一百一十 yī-bǎi-yī-shí
111 一百一十一 yī-bǎi-yī-shí-yī
200 二百 èr-bǎi or 两百:liǎng-bǎi
300 三百 sān-bǎi
500 五百 wǔ-bǎi
1000 一千 (壹仟) yī-qiān
2000 二千 èr-qiān or 两千:liǎng-qiān

Numbers above 10,000 are grouped by in units of four digits, starting with 万 wàn (ten thousand). "One million" in Chinese is thus "hundred tenthousands" (一百万)

10,000 一万 (壹萬) yī-wàn
10,001 一万〇一 yī-wàn-líng-yī
10,002 一万〇二 yī-wàn-líng-èr
20,000 二万 èr-wàn
50,000 五万 wǔ-wàn
100,000 十万 shí-wàn
200,000 二十万 èr-shí-wàn
1,000,000 一百万 yī-bǎi-wàn
10,000,000 一千万 yī-qiān-wàn
100,000,000 一亿 (壹億) yī-yì
1,000,000,000,000 一兆 yī-zhào
number _____ (train, bus, etc.) number measure word (路 lù, 号 hào, ...) _____ (huǒ chē, gōng gòng qì chē, etc.)

Measure words are used in combination with a number to indicate an amount of mass nouns, similar to how English requires "two pieces of paper" rather than just "two paper". Read this
for full details. When in doubt, use 个 (ge); even though it may not be
correct you will probably be understood because it is the most common
measure word. (One person: 一个人 yi2ge4ren2; two apples: 两个苹果 liǎnggè
píngguǒ; note that two of something always uses 两 liǎng rather than 二

half 半 bàn
less than 少於 shǎoyú
more than 多於 duōyú
more 更 gèng
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mandarin word in numbers
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