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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Fri Mar 20, 2009 11:28 pm

Welcome to FriendsterGlump! Enjoy posting and have fun. But follow the rules first

0. Respect each member in this forum

1. English is the main language, do not use local language except for regionals.

2. Use your common sence.

3. No double posting

4. No flamming in any form

5. No forums/site promotion, except if the admin agreed.

6. Avid being offtopic, No spamming

7. Avoid using foul offensive words like, UPPERCASE, sTiCky CaPs

8. Use descriptive title/subject for a new thread and post it on the right forum/category. Do some search before posting a new thread, to avoid thread duplication.

9. No multiple accounts, 1 account per person

10. Signatures. Don't use more than one banner. Don't make it excessive and annoying. Maximum image height for signature is 200 px. No audio or video allowed. We have the right to edit or remove objectionable signature.

11. Reputation points. You can only give reputation point if you've been registered for more than 2 weeks and your posts are more than 100. Mods and admins are able to see who is giving the reputation, and we will taking action against people who abuse the reputation system.

12. Posts about anything related to software piracy and other illegal activities are prohibited.

13. Any kind of sales and promotion using forum post, private message, or any other forum features is not allowed.

14. If you come across a post or thread that looks like it's in direct violation of any of these rules, please report it (there is a report link next to every post). This is the best way to fight against spammers and troublemakers.

15. No Posters above all

All members who abide the foru rules will be banned forever in FriendsterGlump.

-Signed By,
Admin Nicole Marcaida
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Rules and Regulations
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